What are “Very Long CNP?!【VLCNP】The NFT project is coming!!


A new project has been born out of Ninja DAO!!

This project is novel and interesting!


Generative NFT Project of Japanese
Very Long Crypto Ninja Partners (a.k.a. VLCNP)
Here is an overview of this project.


What are “Very Long CNP?! 【VLCNP】The hottest NFT project is coming!!! #CNP #NFT

Japan’s most pop NFT “Very Long Animals” and “Crypto Ninja Partners” will collaborate.

First of all, let me explain about “Very Long Animals”

Akim-san」 is the founder of this preject.

This project has sold 91 NFTs at Opensea. Every time a new one is sold, it sells out.

The selling price is also increasing. (The most recent “Seagull” was 5ETH)
Floor Price is 10ETH and it’s a popular project!

“Very Long Animals” also has many secondary collections.
This community is very thriving.

Let me explain about “Ctypto Ninja Partners”

“Crypto Ninja Partners” is a secondary collection of CryptoNinja from NinjaDAO, one of the largest communities in Japan.

The total circulation of the collection is 22,222 generative NFT of Japanese.

Market capitalization is No.1 in Japan, with a value of 14,555 ETH.

The project has only been launched for about two months.
The volume of trading transactions is also 2,000 ETH (about 30 million yen)

From the starting sales price of 0.001 ETH to the current price of 0.9 ETH, a 900-fold

This is an NFT Dream!!!

This is a very popular project.

The concept of secondary production is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

Users are free to use them as long as they follow the guidelines.

Commercial use of Very Long Animals and CNP is liberated.

Who are the founders of “VLCNP”?

We have a group of well-known NFT players in Japan.

SoudanNFT representative, LAG (Love Addicted Girls = SoudanNFT’s generative NFT), 「Crypto Muscle-san

An engineer of “CNP”,「Syo-san

The development team led by the genius engineer of NinjaDAO, 「Munakata-san

The main designer of CNP, 「Komeisuke-san

The main designer of “LAG”, 「Kuramin-san

As I write this article, I bought Kuramin’s work.

And what is the work with the strongest members….

Sample Leelee

Even if you’ve never heard of “CNP” and “Very Long Animals”,
It is a design that would normally be popular.

Why were VLCNP created?

The “NinjaDAO” and “Very Long Animals” communities do not know each other very well.

We think it is a shame that popular communities remain unaware of each other.

If the “NinjaDAO” and “Very Long Animals” communities get to know each other, they will be able to work together to create the big projects that will take the world by storm in the future.

We believe that this will be a big project that will be world-class in the future.

VLCNP is an opportunity to expand from Japan to the world.

VLCNP ROAD MAP (Plans in Concept)

    ・NFT game offerings by VLCNP

    ・Real goods sales

    ・Contribution to the our community

*As for the games, we will inform you of some simple fun features after the sale.

Our expectations are growing.

“Launch date of VLCNP”

“CNP” and “VLA” met and an art collection was born.

    ・Mint Price : 0.001ETH

    ・Supply : 11,111

    ・Pre Sale : July 31

    ・Pub Sale : Aug 1

Let’s make it Longer!

The chain is ethereum mainnet (ERC721A).

Shocking selling price!! (0.001ETH)

It’s an easy price to buy for first time buyers.

There is a VLCNP whitelist.

Here are the details

    CNP Holders
    Crypto Ninja holders
    Very Long Animals holder
    LAG holders
    Ninja DAO Contributors
    Bloggers who have written related articles

The information will be sent out from the official account in the future.

If you are interested, please follow us!

Ninja DAO is here!

Very Long Animals community is here!

If you don’t know how to buy NFT, please read this article.

written by @somauta Follow me on Twitter!!